Becoming a Scouting volunteer is a special task, it’s giving something to young people that they just cannot experience elsewhere.

All of our volunteers started out just like you, staring at a contact form and wondering what you could possibly give to Scouting. Each of our volunteer team have their own unique skill set, and that is what keeps us diverse and fluid.

You don’t have to give it your all, you can just dip in every now and then, you don’t even need to work with young people, if you’d prefer to work with us to support the group, through building maintenance, or Quartermaster.

All of our volunteers must be checked through the Disclosure and Barring Service. If you are heading for a sectional role, then you may also need to provide references, and attend an appointments review meeting with our friendly committee at Wigan Scouts Headquarters.

Volunteers FAQ

Our people are asked to give as little or as much time as they feel they can. You don't need to spend hours on Scouting, you can turn up and do a bit each week, or even every now and then. Whether you're a full blown leader, or Quartermaster, or Camp Cook - every job is important to keeping us moving effectively.
Many of our people have busy day jobs, families and other commitments outside of Scouting. So it often suprises people to learn that none of them are paid. They give up their time, and often annual leave, freely to provide excellent experiences for our young people. It's not that our people are worthless, they are absolutely priceless.
That's absolutely fine. Scouting isn't just about tying knots and lighting fires anymore. It's about adventure, and Life Skills. Not only that, but in our sessions, adults who don't know, learn too!
Camping is an amazing adventure! It's also a great opportunity for our young people to explore and have amazing levels of freedom. When they head to their beds, and the sun sets, our volunteers will often sit around a campfire, and talk, sharing stories and knowledge. On our indoor residentials, there's no greater fun than watching a 25st bloke trying to get onto the top bunk of a bunk bed either. It's all great fun!
Absolutely! Our Leaders are currently jacks of all trades, working on the programme for our young people, delivering that programme, but they're also acting as Quartermasters, Building Maintenance, Cooks/Chefs. Just taking on one of these infrequent jobs frees up the leader's time to focus on delivering that programme.
We all were when we first started. But we're a team, we work as a team and we support eachother in that team. We'll help you grow and develop so that your confidence builds, not just in Scouting, but outside Scouting.
That's absolutely fine. Scouting is a movement, and we move with it. You may find that you start being able to give just a little, but find more time, or want to get more involved, we can move volunteers around.

If you have any time to give, please get in touch using the form below, you never know, you might get hooked, like we did. Once we receive your form, we’ll get in touch with you to talk about how much you want to be involved, and where – no pressure.

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