Our History

1st Abram Scouts was first formed in 1931 by Tom Rider and Eric Mainesbridge.  They were meeting in a Farmer’s Barn near the former Maypole Colliery.

On 17th September 1931, 30 Scouts were invested into 1st Abram, and there was also a healthy Wolf Cub unit under the watchful eye of Clarice Pimbley and Edith Gee.

Whilst there is no official record, it is likley that the group temporarily closed, as did many others, during World War II.

In 1958, Mr & Mrs Brownsett reestablished 1st Abram Scouts, as 1st Abram Crankwood Sea Scouts.  They met in a Chicken Shed on a farm in Crankwood Road.  The Sea Scouts had many adventures in Bispham Hall, Tawd Vale, and other local campsites, but were the pride of Abram, insomuch as they build a number of canoes, which were paddled up and down the Leigh Spur of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.  These canoes were stored in the cellar of the public house at the Dover Lock.  Mr Brownsett headed up the Scouts, while Mrs Brownsett was Wolf Cub Leader.

In 1959, 1st Abram Crankwood Sea Scouts, moved from their Chicken Shed home, to a new home.  This was in the form of a hut behind the police cottages on St John Street in Abram, across the from St John’s Church of England Church.

This was to be a short lived move, as in 1960, the Sea Scouts moved from St Johns Street, and into a former Small Pox Isolation Hospital on Fisher Avenue in Abram.  Many improvements were made to the building to help it become fit for purpose.

In 1980, our records show that 1st Abram Crankwood Sea Scouts, were grounded and became a regular land group, 1st Abram Crankwood Scouts.

Between 1980 and 2004, the name ‘Crankwood’ was dropped from the name, and the group live on as 1st Abram Scout Group.

We have an amazing history at 1st Abram, but we do know that we have gaps in that history. If you can fill any of the gaps, please let us know what information you have. If you have any pictures, please let us know too!